To give Customer Success teams of all sizes the freedom to focus on their customers not their operational challenges.

To empower the Customer Success teams that work tirelessly to deliver success for their customers by providing solutions to the headaches that they don’t have the time, expertise or resources to resolve, at a price they can afford.

If your customer’s not successful neither are you.

Understand what they need to do to be successful. Help them to do it easily and often. If you see something that is not helping them succeed, change it. Don’t expect someone else to. Use your own product. If you don’t like something about it, imagine how your customers feel. Don’t just use your product. Spend time with your customers while they’re using it. If you are trying to make your customers love you stop. Start making them successful and the love will come. Success is a journey, not an event.
Customer Success is more than just numbers. Stop over analyzing your data, look at the customer’s experience.Focus on getting them where they want to be but pay attention to the path. Travel the same path your customers do often. If you get lost or find the going tough this is a bad thing. Learn from your Customers, they have a lot to teach you. Churn is like cancer for your business. Take your vitamins. A vocal, upset customer is an opportunity. Worry about the quiet ones. Your customers have already decided to leave before they use the door. When you delight a customer, celebrate it. Understand that customer success means more than just another happy customer. What you do has far reaching impacts. Success pays the bills. Yours and theirs. Achieving Success sounds simple. It isn’t but it’s worth it.
Stay curious. Always look for opportunities to improve. Always reduce. Simplicity in success isn’t just elegant, it’s essential. Understand that everyone wants to do the right thing, but it’s their version of what’s right. Be sure everyone is aligned with what success looks like or chaos reins. Success is about helping others to be successful based on their definition of success. Put that first but never forget what your own definition of success looks like. If your customer’s success and yours aren’t aligned. You’re screwed. Avoid this. If making customers successful isn’t your passion, you are in the wrong business. If success is your passion, share what you know so others can learn. There are countless forces that are out of our control. Success is not one of them. Stop acting helpless and start working the problem.
Don’t be a slave to circumstances, create opportunities. The future is never certain, do what you can today to ensure your customer’s success tomorrow. A customer is an investment, it’s the future gains that are important. Make sure that you have a future with them by making them successful. Success doesn’t happen by accident.
You cannot force customer delight, don’t chase it. Cultivate it. Success starts on day one.


Customer Success isn’t just for software companies, every business is in the Success business if they want to thrive and grow.


Customer Success is about people. Never forget, “Consumers are statistics; Customers are people”. People are driven by needs, emotions and experiences, they judge you by how well you serve them. Serve them well.


True success is only achieved by questioning everything, especially your assumptions.


Don’t do what everyone else is doing. There is no box (to think outside of).


What’s in front of you is only a small piece of the bigger picture, look deeper and find the true solution.


Agile is the way. Strive for perfection, iterate towards it. High growth rates mean constant change. Don’t spend months solving yesterday’s problem; Iterate or be left behind.


The devil and the delight are in the details, customer success happens because a thousand tiny details all come together to create the customer’s desired result.


Work hard regardless of who is or isn’t watching.

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todd eby co-cofounder ceo
CEO & Co-Founder
Everything should happen by design, if you leave it to circumstance you get what you get and it’s rarely what you want.

Todd Eby has over 23 years of experience in building and leading high-performing Professional Services, Customer Success and Product Development teams at high-growth technology companies. Todd’s operational executive experience, primarily focused on the B2B/B2C software space, ranges from early stage startups to large multi-national enterprise software companies including Zenefits, Five9, Genesys Telecommunications and Avaya.


Education & Training
Customer Communities
Process Design
Associate Partner

James has over 12 years experience running Customer Success teams at high-growth B2B SaaS technology companies, both in the US and Europe. James’s operational executive experience, primarily focused in the retail and e-commerce vertical, ranges from early stage startups to large multi-national companies including Brightpearl, ChannelAdvisor. and Exxon Mobil.

Community Host at Outcomes - The SuccessHacker Community

Customer Advocacy
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Andrew Marks Co-Founder SuccessHacker
COO & Co-Founder
Half of being smart is knowing what you don't know.

Andrew Marks has spent over 24 years in high tech with the majority of that time building highly effective post-sales organizations that drive customer lifetime value and improved customer satisfaction. Andrew’s operational executive experience, predominately in B2B software, ranges from early stage startups to large multi-national enterprise software companies including Scopus Technology (Siebel), Genesys Telecommunications, SAP BusinessObjects, Birst, Intacct and Adobe Systems.


Change Management
Methodology Definition
Financial Modelling
Customer Segmentation